Settling in…

It took a bit of planning to design the 80 sq ft kitchen into a space that I could actually cook for a crowd. I had imagined the white cabinetry, but the space needed desperate transformation. (See before and after pictures). I purchased the appliances first to replace the outdated stove and fridge. Theres no room for a dishwasher, but no real need either. So, the wall between the dining and kitchen spaces had to come out. My son and I had a great time on demo day! Pulled out the wall and he patched the drywall to look seamless as though it had always been that way. Once the wall came out, then I could see the vision. The cabinets wouldn’t stop at the end of the kitchen, they would wrap around into the dining space adding storage and counter for prep. And a very functional buffet for the dining room. So, I hired a wonderful contractor to make the dream a reality, purchased my cabinets from a local Lowe’s and had his crew install them.  Please leave your feedback I would love to know what you think of my design, color, texture, and materials.


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